New Year's Resolution: 2,011 in 2011

2,011 pages of drawing in 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This page has a drawing I did instead of watching Stations of the Cross at my church on Good Friday. I dont do enough environment drawings, but this one came out pretty well, methinks!

And the devil guy is my interpretation of someone that works at the church. I dont think too highly of him...

These are straight ink drawings. They came out pretty well, I think!


Here's some more Azbats. There's a lot of him because I used him in a board. I didnt finish it yet, but it looks pretty snazzy!

These dudes are inspired by some hardcore Russian guys I saw on
Here's a little more development art from the superhero anthology piece. Getting VERY close now.


Some random doodles....
These are from my good friend's senior recital. It rocked REALLY hard.



Here's some more Azbats. I think I'm going to color this one up....
Another idea I've been batting around is Batman meets Sweeney Todd. So here's Joker as Todd, and Penguin as the Beadle:


Here's some schematic work for a project I've been batting around. Whenever I have a big project I thing it through in my sketchbook. Maybe I'll post some pages of schematics from my Yoshi Halloween costume some day...



These pages are from Rad Sechrist's class, when his friend Anthony Holden substituted for him. It was great! He's a ton of energy and he's really inspiring! You'll see a lot of notes from his lecture and a few drawings of classmates.



More Batman pages!


A picture of Azbats:-JJ


Fun page of faces:


Up first is some pose practice.

More art from the anthology piece I'm working on. Getting closer to the roommate's design!

More work on the hero's art!


More "Titan" fan art. Also some Goku on this page. -JJ


Page 200!!!! Woo!!!! I think that's way behind, but that also doesnt figure in the storyboard pages i did in this period. I'll post those once I get through some revisions/clean up. Maybe I'll post a thumbnail version of each board and figure in a page total.

Anyhoo, on with the arts!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here's a lot of art from the anthology piece. This is pretty close to what the hero will look like:
The gimp guy is actually the main character, not the villain. He desperate wants to be a superhero, like his roommate.



Here's a page with Gunter hanging out there in the center:More art for the anthology. Getting closer to the design for the hero...


This top page is some design ideas for Emily, from the Fearbot project I've been tinkering with.This is Goku.



So these are fun pages. This first one is unrelated to the rest...These are from a convention I went to where they had dancers doing their thing.
The bottom faces are an attempt to capture the dead eyes these girls had. Kinda blank, soulless stares...



Some WWF studies of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment!
And this is me learning how people actually hold a gun...


Hey, some more Miss Martian!-JJ


More Two Face...
Some doodles for another project about some imaginative kids...


Two face:-JJ


Some meh Harvey Dent drawings...-JJ