New Year's Resolution: 2,011 in 2011

2,011 pages of drawing in 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a change of pace: Batman!And Aang, for some reason...


More "Titan" fanart!


This first one is of the King from "Sym-Bionic Titan." He gets super epic in episode 16. I can't recommend that show enough. One of the best cartoons of the past 20 years. The rest of this post is pretty much Titan fanart.



So, here's a really scattered assortment of doodles.

This page has the first concept art I did for a comic I'm about to start drawing. The big guy on the couch is the main character of this anthology piece, and he wants to be a superhero like his roommate. Sym-Bionic Titan is in the corner.

Here's a Batman doodles of mine. It amuses the heck out of me! I crack myself up.
This is take one at a Sym-Bionic Titan/Megazord team up. I re-drew it below.



Random doodles:I've been working out a piece I want to call "My Favorite Martians" with Tars Tarkas and Miss Martian. Here's one take:


I went sketching with Rad Sechrist and a few other friends in Little Tokyo. There were quite a few characters there!

This page has my favorite. There was this fat boy/girl(?) that pretty much embodied all of the bad preteen/teen anime fan stereotypes. It's on the right.


Monday, May 23, 2011


Here's some "ReBoot" fanart! Definitely one of my favorite cartoons, especially once you get past Season 1!Here's some Azbats. You'll see more of him later!
And Batman, of course!


Superhero day! Oh, and random old man. Who is that...? I think it's supposed to be Carl Sagan.



Last day of February!
Just some quick pen drawings. No real theme. I was probably looking at Jay Baker's artwork. He's an amazing artist, and I've learned a lot from looking at his storyboards.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Joker stuffs!
And Two Face!


Here's a lot more DKR style Batman! Also some Miss Martian!

A page of DKR style Joker

And I have no idea what this is...



More DKR style Batman! Man that comic is awesome.



More Batman! I had been using the DKR style model from BTAS. These were done after looking more at the DKR comic, but still trying to use the BTAS style.



More Batman!



Today is the start of a few Batman days! We had to use Batman models for a storyboarding homework assignment, so this is me getting used to the models!



Ah, another single day... This one has some Fearbot on it!


Only one from the 13th. I dont even know what I was watching. Maybe an old episode of SNL? I think this was an old musical guest....

2011-02-12 part 2

Here's the start of sketchbook 2!

I forgot that there were some more sketches from the 12th of Feb, so here they are! I had been doing "Avatar" studies for a storyboarding homework assignment, so I felt the urge to try out the characters!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Long Holidays' "Through Two Lenses"

Hello friends!
I recently did an album cover for the amazing band "The Long Holidays," my long-time friend Jim Holmquist's band.

Give 'em a listen!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little out-of-order update

I'm trying to post things in the order I do them, but if I keep to that then this piece wouldn't get posted for a looong time. So when I eventually do get to May 14th's posting, you'll see the page with all the studies and color tests. In the mean time, check out this marker piece I did last night!

This started as a doodle, but then I decided it sucked so I actually broke out the anatomy book and really worked the design. The result is, I think, pretty awesome!

This guy is from "Katana Gunslinger" issue 01, which I originally drew in the winder of 2009. The basic concept is that a dude is infected by some alien organism that gives him super strength and causes him to lose all his skin. I figured it'd look rad if it caused bone mutations, too.

In case you never saw the comics I drew for my friend, this is the original version of this monster. I think the newer drawing is a little cooler.

Just a little...


Saturday, May 14, 2011


I think this is the last update for today. This post marks the last page from my first sketchbook of the year! I'm almost through my second sketchbook, and I probably will be finished with it by the time I'm done scanning it!

Here's a hodge podge page. Superman TAS fanart, and some doodles of the villain from my girlfriend Lis's thesis film:
Another random, random page. Avatar, STAS, and Batman... And is that a Jedi...?

And as a bonus, here's a page from the back of the sketchbook. I was waiting for dinner with my friend Christie, and we did some scribble drawing. One person scribbles, and the other tries to turn it into something. Her drawings are the awesome looking ones!
And thus marks the end of Sketchbook #01 for 2011!

Hopefully I'll be uploading more in the very near future!